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We love Unicode


UnicodeUnicode is an industry standard designed to allow text and symbols from all of the writing systems of the world to be represented by computers. Basically, it means that you can read and write all the letters of every alphabet, and even languages that don’t use alphabets. For example, é, ü, ø, Δ, Й, ק,‎ م, ๗, あ, 叶, 葉, 냻 and so on…

Because we understand that people from many different backgrounds use the Internet, we built doiop using Unicode (UTF-8, actually). This way, you can choose keywords in any language, using any characters you want. Unlike many services on the web forcing you to use only A-Z and 0-9, doiop lets you use the keyword you actually need.

So, for example, if your name is 優子 (Yuko), and you want to link to a café in Москва (Moscow), you can create a doiop shortcut like this one:優子/Москва/café!